Squint correction

Isha Netralaya specializes in pediatric squint management, providing early interventions to correct misalignments and prevent long-term visual issues.

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Isha Netralaya

As one of the leading eye hospitals in the heart of Thane, we take pride in our expertise in treating a varied range of eye problems.

Hospital for Squint Eye Correction in Maharashtra

Squint, also known as strabismus, is a visual condition where the eyes do not align properly, pointing in different directions. This misalignment can lead to double vision and affect overall vision quality. Addressing squint in children is crucial for visual development. Isha Netralaya specializes in pediatric squint management, providing early interventions to correct misalignments and prevent long-term visual issues.

At Isha Netralaya, we specialize in comprehensive squint correction, offering advanced treatments to ensure optimal eye alignment and visual function. Our experienced specialists provide top-notch treatment for squint eye correction, including squint correction surgery, to ensure your visual health and well-being. 

Squint correction

  • Esotropia (Inward Squint): Eyes turn inward, causing double vision or eye strain.
  • Exotropia (Outward Squint): Eyes deviate outward, leading to double vision or poor depth perception.
  • Hypertropia (Vertical Squint): One eye is higher than the other, affecting depth perception.
  • Strabismus in Children: Misalignment of eyes during development, impacting visual development.
  • Adult-Onset Strabismus: Squint developing later in life, often due to underlying health issues.
  • Convergence Insufficiency: Difficulty in keeping the eyes aligned when focusing on a near object.

Treatments Offered

Depending on the severity and underlying causes of squint, non-surgical or surgical approaches may be recommended. This can include prescription eyeglasses or vision therapy to improve eye coordination or fine-tuning of eye muscle alignment. Some of the treatment options are:
  • Orthoptic Evaluation: Comprehensive assessment of eye alignment and coordination for personalized treatment plans.
  • Vision Therapy: Customized exercises to improve eye coordination and strengthen eye muscles.
  • Prism Glasses: Prescribing glasses with prisms to help align the eyes and manage double vision.
  • Botulinum Toxin Injections: In some cases, injections to relax overactive eye muscles and improve alignment.
  • Surgical Correction (Strabismus Surgery): Precise surgical procedures to adjust eye muscles and achieve proper alignment, enhancing both aesthetic appearance and visual function.
  • Amblyopia Treatment: Managing lazy eye condition associated with squint through patching or vision therapy.

Isha Netralaya prioritizes a patient-centric approach, tailoring squint correction plans to individual needs. We aim not only to correct the misalignment but also to enhance overall eye health and visual well-being. For those seeking effective and personalized squint correction solutions, Isha Netralaya combines expertise, advanced technology, and a commitment to patient satisfaction. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to guide you through every step of the squint correction journey, ensuring a clear and aligned vision for a better quality of life.

If you are looking for the best squint eye correction in Thane Isha Netralaya is your trusted hospital for squint eye correction. Our experienced ophthalmologists conduct a detailed examination to assess the extent and type of squint, considering factors such as eye muscle function, refractive errors, and overall eye health.  Schedule a consultation with our expert team and take the first step towards a brighter, aligned vision.

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