Are You Facing Digital Strain, Possibility of Dry Eyes... ?

- By Dr.VidyaBawkar
[ Lasik/ Cornea & Cataract Surgeon ]

& Dr.Prachi Naik
[ Comprehensive Ophthalmalogist & Cataract Surgeon ]
- Diana Annie
[BBA,PGD in Aviation(AUH) & Health Awareness Programmer]

Dry Eyes is not a specific disease in its own right. It's a symptom that may be related to a variety of underlying diseases, disorders, or lifestyle challenges. It occurs when your eyes aren't sufficiently hydrated & lubricated by the tears you produce.

Why My Tears Not Produced Much?
People typically produce fewer tears as they age, commonly resulting in dry eye. Other causes may include medications or medical conditions that dry out. Some contact lenses can worsen dry eye.

Am Having Watery Eyes, So Why Do I Get Dry Eye?
The tear film that covers your eye surfaces must contain the proper three-layer structure of mucous, water & oil. If the oil-producing glands in your eyelids aren't functioning correctly, you may not be adding enough oil to your tear film to keep all that water from evaporating, no matter how many tears you produce.

What Signs Does Dry Eye Produce?
Dry eye typically makes the eyes red, itchy, tired, and irritated, as if there's something in your eyes. You may also experience light sensitivity & blurred vision.

Is Dry Eye Dangerous?
Dry eye is not an emergency condition. But if you let your dry eye continue on a severe basis, you're exposing your corneas to damage, infection & scarring.

How Does An Eye Consultant Find the Cause of Your Dry Eye?
They will examine your symptoms, eliminating other possible causes to help confirm a case of dry eye. We will also study your medical history, lifestyle, current medication list, tear production to understand the cause of your dry eye.

How Is Dry Eye Treated?
Eye drops are commonly used to age-related dryness,in Computer uses. Environmental & work changes, changes in your medical care or contact lens usage, & Treatment of the eyelid glands may also be fomentation and lid Massage is very important to improve dry eye symptoms.